Jeff Ellis Golf Auctions

Auction Ending Rule

Jeff Ellis Auctions ends with a 15 Minute Extension Rule. On closing day, the auction will countdown to 0. At 8PM, the clock will reset to a 15 minute clock that appears on each lot and the clock will countdown to 0. Any lot with more than one bid will extend 15 Minutes and will remain open for bidding until there is no bid on any lot in the auction during a 15 Minute period. The auction could close at 8:15PM, or remain open longer if bidding continues.

If you want to bid on a lot in the auction, you must place your initial bid before 8 PM auction closing day. If you don't bid on the lot before 8 PM, you will not be able to bid during the 15 Minute Extension Rule period.

Be sure to get your initial bids in before 8 PM so you are not shut out of bidding. We cannot take your bid if you miss bidding by 8 PM.

Think of the Extended bidding 15-minute rule as a new mini-auction. It starts at 8:00 and goes to 8:15. If one or more bids are placed during those 15 minutes, then another new mini-auction will take place at 8:15 and go until 8:30. If one or more bids are placed during this next 15 minutes, then another new mini-auction will take place and run from 8:30 until 8:45….etc..etc..etc. However, if a new mini-auction starts and goes 15 minutes without a bid, then the entire auction is over, all done. No more bidding. We go to bed!

Once we get into the Extended bidding, the digital "Time Left" counter on each auction lot resets to 15:00 and then begins to count down, so you will be able to see how much time is left in that round. The clock will only reset at the end of the 15 minute countdown if there was one or more bids during the countdown.

Best of luck in the auction.