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Works by Jeffery B. Ellis, renowned author and golf collector.

The Clubmaker's Art

Antique Golf Clubs and Their History

The Clubmaker's Art: Antique Golf Clubs and Their History is the most complete, in-depth book on antique golf clubs ever written. Over 1,250 pictures illustrate over 850 clubs selected from among the most valuable, historical, and rare antique clubs in the world.

Hundreds of others are described and identified. The text, written after extensive research in the United States and the United Kingdom, documents not only the clubs but also their makers and users. Original source material is quoted extensively.

Golf World Magazine
Travel & Leisure Golf Magazine
Golf Digest
"It's universally acknowledged as the bible of golf club connoisseurship."
Forbes Magazine
"If you buy one coffee-table golf book in your life, buy this one. It is a magnet for anybody who is fascinated by antique golf clubs or the history of golf implements … Jeff Ellis spent 10 years completing The Clubmaker's Art, and this book is a monumental achievement."
"This beautifully prepared presentation is what it purports to be:a true and complete history of the golf club ... Ellis's work will become the bible and chief catalog."
The Newark Star Ledger
"If you really love golf, there is a new book for your must-have list … The Clubmaker's Art."
Golf World Magazine

And The Putter Went ... PING

Between 1959, when PING was founded, and today, no golf company has had a greater impact on the game, and its equipment, than PING. This 576 page book contains nearly 1000 images detailing hundreds of the greatest PGA Tour and LPGA pros, PING equipment across the years, and the engineering genius and AMAZING story of Karsten Solheim and his family.

The Bible of all things PING … Author Jeff Ellis has done a spectacular job.
Jim Achenbach,
And The Putter Went … a must have book about PING.
This is a "must have" collector's edition for any golf fan, with over 570+ pages detailing the full PING story.
A must-have coffee table topper ...
The book is a "must have'' for golf equipment geeks and equipment historians.
The A
Equipment junkies and golf historians alike will adore "And The Putter Went ... PING." Just be sure your coffee table has strong, reinforced legs to hold it.
Ellis' writing and researching skills are on full display in this book as he takes the reader deep inside the Phoenix-based equipment company.
E. Michael Johnson,
Beautiful stories, funny anecdotes and almost a thousand photographs show how progressive and influential Ping has been, and still is, in the golf world.

The Golf Club

400 Years of The Good, The Beautiful, and The Creative

Providing a visual time line of golf club innovation, from the 17th-century "Troon Clubs" to the famously controversial Big Bertha ERC II, banned in 200, THE GOLF CLUB presents over 450 of the most magnificent, historical, and valuable golf clubs ever devised to strike a golf ball during the past 400 years.

Inside can be seen rare treasures made by Scotland's Old Tom Morris known as "The Grand Old Man of Golf" and Hugh Philp often called the Stradivarius of clubmakers. You will also find modern masterpieces by Ping, Spalding, Callaway, MacGregor, Titleist, Nike and others. You may even find a club that you own!

You will see the club that Alan Shepard used on the moon, the 1-iron made famous by Ben Hogan when he won the 1950 US Open, the putter used by Willie Park to win the British Open in 1863, the Calamity Jane putter Bobby Jones used to win the Grand Slam in 1930, and the putter Jack Nicklaus used to win 15 of his 20 majors.

Past sales prices are given for a number of the clubs shown, and the clubs are accompanied by photographs of over 60 vintage golf balls from across history.

The information is fascinating, and the photography is beautiful, but what will draw golfers to the book is the connection it will provide to kindred souls of centuries past, who are passionate about a sport in which one's only competition comes from within.
American Library Association
Containing beautiful photos and insightful text, "The Golf Club" provides great history and great fun!
Golf Magazine
Ellis' latest book, an exquisite book with splendid photography, is a "best value" you won't be able to resist.
Avid Golfer
Lavishly illustrated ... "The Golf Club" presents and documents the most diverse collection of golf equipment ever assembled.
Publishers Weekly